Rumours For The 2018 Series of Doctor Who

Capaldi is done. He has stated that, despite his love for the show, he doesn’t know if he can stay at his best for much longer. If he remained in the role, some of the energy might go missing. I can understand where he’s coming from.

doctor who 2018

But it’s a sad day. Not only that, head honcho, Steven Moffat, is also out. Following the 2017 Christmas Special, both of these Doctor Who giants will be leaving us. It’s strange to imagine things without them, but season 11 will be done one way or another. In their absence, we are left with plenty of room for speculation.

Who will replace Capaldi? Little was released about this until very recently. On Sunday, July 17, there was an official reveal of our Thirteenth Doctor. Jodie Whittaker, mostly known for her work in Broadchurch, will replace one of the most successful Doctors in the show’s history. In the reveal, we see a hooded figure walking calmly through the shaded forest.

Jodie Whittaker First Female Doctor Who

The character pauses, holding out a hand into which a key materialises, then it’s time for the big shock. Bright blonde hair, smooth skin, and striking features. Jodie Whittaker; the first female Doctor.

Keeping it relevant: The show is famous for keeping up with the times. Metaphorically, at least, since time can get a bit messy in some episodes. Anyway, the tenth series saw the introduction of Bill Potts—black, female, lesbian sidekick, Bill Potts.

And it is believable. It doesn’t feel forced, as it sometimes can with these things. The show doesn’t ever try to force anything down your throat. It’s a mere reflection of what the world looks like today, and it does a pretty good job of it.

This is not to say that hasn’t been a long time coming. A female Doctor that is. But the fact that it has come is certainly worth celebrating. I don’t know how fans will respond to there being a female Doctor before a female President, but I’m looking forward to it.

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Without Capaldi and Moffat, others are also talking about leaving the show. It’s possible that season 11 will see an entirely new cast. And so be it. This will be a real test of the show’s durability. And it’s fans. Any good show must learn to adapt to its audience. And today’s audience has a short attention span. No offense, guys—I include myself in this.

We want to hold our iPhones in the left hand and browse Netflix with the right. And with the rise in technology online, it’s difficult for traditional broadcasting methods to survive. The Doctor has survived this long though. Drastic changes to the cast, writing staff, producers, fans, society in general… it’s nothing the Doctor can’t handle.

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